The right creative elements make your event better

Cornerscape’s popular Live Music & Arts Activation service brings custom creativity to your company’s event.

What does this mean?

We start by learning everything about your event - who it’s for, what your goal is, and where you’ll be gathering. Then we go to work customizing a creative plan that infuses your event with hyper-local creativity of the highest quality. Depending on the style and scope of your event, this could include live music, a DJ, live art-making (trust us - you’ll want to hear more about why this is awesome!), custom employee gifts made on-site and on-view during your event, and so much more. Once we’ve settled on a plan, Cornerscape handles everything from booking the talent to overseeing production on the day of your event. We specialize in events that take place across multiple spaces or several floors of a building; we’d love to talk with you about how you can use music and arts to ensure your event stays high energy and flows smoothly.

Whether the event is an elegant reception for 100 people or a grand opening party for 10,000, our goal is nothing short of delight.


One more thing - we also bring local artists to offices for lunchtime concerts or summer concert series. Talk to us about how we can customize a creative experience for your employees that will make them love where they work even more.


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