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Local Behavior Music Festival and the Local Behavior Initiative

Cornerscape is launching a new music festival and accompanying mentorship program for womxn and nonbinary artists! Mark your calendar and buy your tickets: October 28, 2018 at City Winery Boston.

About Local Behavior

Throughout the year Local Behavior will connect emerging musicians of all ages with more established artists for mentoring conversations and collaboration opportunities. We also connect young womxn artists to one another, helping them find a support system as they learn to navigate through the music industry. Local Behavior seeks to foster an environment of respect and ever-increasing opportunity for womxn artists.

About the Festival

The inaugural Local Behavior Music Festival will bring together a thrilling lineup of womxn and nonbinary artists for a day of music, conversation, and collaboration across two stages on October 28, 2018 at City Winery Boston. Featuring a lineup of all womxn and nonbinary- fronted bands and singer-songwriters, Local Behavior stands as an alternative to the typically male-dominated lineups of other festivals today. We believe that though one festival can’t change everything, by changing our Local Behavior, we can make a positive impact that reverberates throughout the music industry.

This is our local behavior.

Lineup Announcement Coming Soon! 

Interested in acting as a mentor to an emerging artist? We'd love to hear from you.

We're seeking feedback from established women artists interested in helping emerging and/or younger women acts. 

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