Jumpstart the Workweek with a Playlist from DJ Jayana

DJ Jayana spins tunes at events all over the city, often collaborating with groups like Women In Music, Cornerscape, and others. Her mixes are the soundtrack to a bunch of different events. She created this playlist for us to help us all jump back into the workweek.

DJ Jayana (non-performance name Juliana Chalsen) was in classical music before transitioning to her work as a DJ. Of that transition she says, "Go with your gut feelings, and do not let what other people are doing or telling you keep you from changing your course in the music field." She is now a playlist master, and tells us "For most events I like to start off the playlist at a slower speed, and then once more people start coming in and the energy picks up I pick faster paced songs. I like to feel the crowd out and go with the energy that is in the room. It’s all about reading the crowd and what tunes get them excited, or depending on the event, what makes them relaxed." We wish we could hear DJ Jayana's live song transitions and mixes all the time, but for now this playlist will have to do. Enjoy!