Our First Year in Review!

I can hardly believe it, but today marks a year of Cornerscape. It has been a year of excitement, growth, hard work, great music and (of course) some challenges and setbacks. There were the highlights: creating fun events that give a new platform to artists, collaborating with incredible thinkers, working with artists who inspire us daily, and adding two people to the Cornerscape team. And then there were the challenges: first-year growing pains, tweaking what kinds of projects we focus on, the inevitable mistake here and there. A year in, I’m even more excited to keep growing this company, collaborating with other people and organizations, and bringing new creative experiences to the Boston area.

In honor of Cornerscape’s first year, here are some photos from the last twelve months, including a bunch from our first year of creative events:

Outside of these events, I've been working with artists to help them prepare for crowdfunding campaigns, booking music for some corporate events, and consulting with local arts organizations. This spring I started managing musician Mark Erelli, after working with him on his 2017 Kickstarter campaign. It's been a wide-ranging year, and each experience has helped me figure out where to best focus our energies. 

So what's next? 2018 will see way more original events, including Local Behavior Music Festival, a new, multi-genre music festival of all women artists coming this October. This spring we're launching Music on the Menu, a series connecting three of our favorite things: music, food, and conversation. And we've got some collaborations and partnerships in the works that I'm really excited about. :)

Year 2, here we come!